Yervand Margaryan
19.11.1961, Tashkent

1978–1983 student of Yerevan Valery BryusovState Linguistic University, Department of History and English.
1987–1990post-graduate studentof the Institute ofthe history National Academy Armenian SSR.
In 1992he defended his thesison “The Temples of Commagene country and Armenia of Hellenistic era”.
In2014 he defended his doctoral dissertationon the topic:»Mithraism in the political andreligious-ethical(ideological) systemof the ancient world. Commagene, Sophene, Armenia, Rome. «

Academic degree
Professorsince 2015.
Doctor of History since 2014.
Associate Professorsince 2006.
Candidate of History since 1992.

Professional experience
Since 2006 –Head of the Departmentof World Historyand Foreign Regional Studiesof Russian-Armenian(Slavonic) University. Readsa course of lectures:»Armenia and theworld», «History and theory of civilizations», «Comparativeforeignregional studies», «Russian studies», «Comparative StrategicCulture», «Introduction to rhetoric» and others.
2013-2105 – Associate Professor of history of Departmentof Political Doctrines of YSU.
2013-2105– Associate Professor of chair of Political since of YSU.
2006-2013 – Docent of Chair of World History in Yerevan State University (academic courses:
History of the Middle Ages; History of Greece; Byzantian studies; History of Poland, Czechia and Slovakia, Bulgaria, History of Democracy; World-System and modern Social practice; Globalsystems in context of World History (Ancient Eastern monarchies, the Roman Empire, “Medievalbalance”, from Renascence to UNO)).
2002-2006 — Senior Lecturer, Department of regional geography in Yerevan Valery Bryusov State Linguistic University (courses: Introduction to Religious Studies, History of Armenia).
2001-2006 – senior researcher of Institute of History NAS RA.
1996-2001 – research officer of Institute of History NAS RA.
1998-2000 – deputy chief of the Yerevan Regional Inspectorateof the Ministryof Education of RA.
1996-1998 — Methodist Abovyan District Board.
Since 1994 — Senior Researcher, National Academy of Sciences.
1987-1990 – post-graduate of Institute of History NAS RA.
Since 1987 he has been working at the Institute of History of NAS RA.
1993-1987 – history teacher in Shgharshic, Partizak and Nerkin Bazmaberd schools of Talin district.

Research interests –keywords:
World History, the Hellenisticcivilization, Rome, the Middle Ages, the contactzone, world-systems analysis, theory andhistory of civilizations, the medieval town, the history of everyday life, mithoepic; Hellenistic civilization, earliest medieval history, urban history.

Social activity
Member of the Board of the Armenian branch of the World Association of Historians.

Total number of publications — 5 monographs (2 in Russian, 3 in Armenian), 64 scientific articles in Russian, Armenian and English, 2 manuals for students.

Support for the project applicant in the form of grants:
1. Research project INTAS 79/7107 in attach the program on «Bridges as Res publica: implications for modern self-governance in Eastern and Western Europe», 2004-2006.
2. Management andsupervising of the research project «City as a Form of Life», implemented under the patronage of the President of RA — 2010-2012.
3. Supervisor of the joint research project in the field of Armenian-Russian humanitarian scientific cooperation «Armenian StateScience Foundation-the RussianStateScience Foundation – 2014» (draft — 13RF-012). Partner: Department of History of the Ancient World and the Middle Ages, Lobachevsky Nizhny Novgorod State University. Deadline: 2014-2015. Research topic: «Civilization and cross-cultural aspects of the formation of the Roman world in the transition from Republic to Principate».
4. Supervisorof the research project, carried outin the framework ofthe development ofRussian-Armenian (Slavonic) university. Research topic: «At the crossroads of the ancientworld-system».
5. Senior Scientist research project carried, carried outin the framework ofthe development ofRussian-Armenian (Slavonic) university/ Research topic: «Epicpoetryof the Armenian andRussianpeoples.Comparativestudy ofepics ofthe peoples ofthe world».
6. Senior Researcher of the joint research project in the field of Armenian-Russian humanitarian scientific cooperation «Armenian StateScience Foundation-the RussianStateScience Foundation – 2016″. Term: 2016-2018. Research topic: » Tiflis in Armenian and Georgian Historical-literary tradition: phenomenology of city, history of daily (XVIII- first quarter of XX century)».